Road Transport

M.A.R.S offers a fully operational fabrication facility measuring 2,800sq meters with 10,000sq metres of yard storage. M.A.R.S provides expertise fabrication services including

  • Tippers – Rigids, Pigs, Chassis, T.O.A, Semis & Dogs, Side & Sliding Tri “A”s in Aluminum & Steel
  • Trailers – Drop  Decks, Skels,
  • Road Train Dolly’s, “A”s,
  • Tautliners, Flat Tops, Dogs & Pigs.

Visit the following galleries to see more of our range.


Taut Liners

We build your Tautliners to suit your requirements. M.A.R.S Tautliners deliver value for money and can provide the right solution for general freight carriers • Dry Freight • Insulated • Drop Deck • Flat Tops • Rigid combinations • Trailer combinations
Choose from a large range of quality aluminum and steel bull bars & custom bumpers. Select from our catalogs or ask us to custom build for you.
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At M.A.R.S we manufacture a wide range of water tankers. Options include • A & B Trailers • Road Train • Aluminum • Steel • Elliptical • 12 Sided • Much More.
M.A.R.S manufacture a quality range of drop deck trailers. These are ideal for transporting general freight as well as machinery, bulky equipment or agricultural equipment. There are many different combinations and various options available. Drop Decks • 41′ • 45′ • 48′ • 24′ “A” Lead • 44′ ” B ” Rear Flat Tops • 41′ • 45′ • 48′ • 24′ “A” Lead • 44′ “B” Rear
The range of road trains is endless. Choose from a combination of any for increased payloads. • Flat Tops • Drop Decks • Tippers • Combination
M.A.R.S customize each side tipper for efficient operation, maneuverability and precise delivery. Optimized for endurance, strength & performance.Working with you to ensure you have the right design for your requirements.You can choose from a variety of configurations, including • Single Trailer • B- Double • Road Train • Bogey • Tri Axle • Aluminium • High Grade Steel
Whether you require a flat top or tipping pig trailer, we offer tandem or tri-axle configurations to suit. Please enquire.
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M.A.R.S B- Double combinations are made to suit your specific transport needs. Choose from our large trailer range to create your own B-Double combination. • Tautliners • Flat Tops • Tippers. • Road Train • Customized Options
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Single trailer tippers built in 350 grade steel or 5083 structural grade aluminum.
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Truck & Dog Trailer combinations are made to suit your specific requirements. Our trained team will work with you to ensure you have the right combination with the right options. • 2 Axle • 3 Axle • 4 axle • Air • Spring • Steel • Aluminum